Revitalise your Brand: Workshop

Brands should be developed as long-term assets to the company and for long-term relationships with customers and employees. Consistency is key.

On the other end of the scale, complacency is dangerous. Brands need to evolve over time to accommodate business growth, new customers and employees, market changes and so forth.

It’s finding the right balance between making changes too often and not enough7 occasions when its a good time to review to revitalise

Our workshop is designed to revitalise your brand, and your team’s passion for and energy on the brand. We use a range of exercises, techniques and stimulus to review where you are and generate the energy and ideas to get you where you want to go.

Below are the inclusions, not the design (we’ll share this with you during the preparation stage).

Briefing includes:

  1. We’ll send you a 12 Question Survey to complete and email to us with specific information requirements e.g. competitor review, customer segmentation/profiles, brand positioning strategy, marketing plan
  2. We’ll read through your response and follow up with 40 minute phone call/Zoom conference call
  3. Agree on the date, attendees and location

Preparation includes:

  1. Tailor workshop, discussion guide, presentation and stimulus to your brand
  2. Client sign off
  3. Organise the workshop location and materials

1-Day Workshop includes:

  1. Objectives and challenges
  2. Context: category trends, competitors, customers
  3. Brand proposition, positioning, brand identity
  4. Marketing mix, brand-customer experience, customer journey
  5. Parallel / Benchmark brands
  6. Define issues and opportunities
  7. Generate ideas


  1. Write up brand review and recommendations for revitalising your brand
  2. Present and discuss with client


Please enter your name as first name and surname and company email address. Thank you!