Above and Beyond

Broadening the brand

CareFlight is best known as an aeromedical charity, however its awareness was fairly low. People aware of the brand (employees, business and government customers and donors), assimilated it with The Royal Flying Doctor Service, rather than knowing about or talking about its deep expertise in training, treatment, research and innovation of trauma and critical medical care. 

Over the past 15 years, CareFlight had expanded from its original rapid response critical care helicopter service in Greater Sydney to various services across NSW, NT, Australia and International. In doing so, the positioning had shifted from emotional to rational to accommodate business and government customer needs, burying the patient-first drive that is very much alive throughout the organisation, and losing emotional connection with all audiences. 

With a new CEO and Head of Media, Communications & Marketing, we were asked to work with the team to revitalise the brand, aligned with the new corporate strategy, to broaden the brand’s relevance to all audiences, and stretch across more services, establishing a platform for the future.

Elevating the brand

Working closely with the team, we set out to understand the market, competitors, business, brand and audiences. 

We initially conducted an in-depth market and competitor review and leadership interviews across the business to understand the brand, its audiences and their experiences. This gave us insights and opportunities for brand values, positioning territories and proof points, fleshed out in a workshop and subsequently sought further proof of patient stories and research and innovation examples from employees.  

Through two stages of focus groups with employees and community donors, and interviews with business customers and donors, we gained an understanding of people’s perceptions and experience of charities, competitors and the brand, explored and refined the positioning territories and proof points. 

We uncovered CareFlight’s competitive advantage across three dimensions, which are now used as criteria for contracts and new services as well as communications. 

Aligning the brand

Having developed the value proposition across the three dimensions, we worked to develop a brand positioning and promise that would work for all audiences, in order to align the corporate, customer and community donor and employer brands. 

The idea works at both an emotive and rational level, encapsulating the value proposition and breadth of services. It expresses the way all employees behave, the organisation’s dedication to research and innovation, and the experience of patients and families, first responders, business and government customers. 

We developed brand values, behaviours, key messages and narrative, using the website as a mock application to stress test the brand and messaging. This led to Brand manual, Copy style guide, Key messaging and capability statements, and employee awards.

We highlighted areas of the business to ensure delivery against the brand promise, performance measures and insights for target audience and marketing. 

Over 2 years, CareFlight has shifted from 3rd to 1st on the Charity Reputation Index.  Brand-led initiatives will continue to be rolled out across the organisation, whilst monitoring brand performance and working with cross-functional teams to deliver against the promise.


Create business, brand and stakeholder value

Work with us to engage your employees, customers and stakeholders to build, align and activate brand, employer brand and responsible business strategies. We’d love to help you create meaningful value for your employees, customers and stakeholders and achieve healthier results.

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