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Explaining the benefits

We were asked to brand and explain the benefits of Colonial First State’s Multi- Manager products to financial advisers and their clients, to shift client perceptions of CFS MM and their adviser’s choice of CFS MM.

Changing perceptions

We reviewed previous qualitative research to identify advisor needs and how CFS MM was meeting them. This enabled us to develop hypotheses to explore through the discussion with internal investment experts, business development managers and planners on what we do/how we do it differently to competitors.

We then conducted research with external financial advisors to understand their and their clients’ perceptions and experiences.

We dove deeper into the customer journey to understand customer issues and communications between CFS, the advisor and the client.

We discovered that there was a misconception that the products were high cost for what appears as one line on the finance plan ‘CFS MM’ and that didn’t seem to change from year to year. Clients couldn’t see the work that went on behind the scenes, which meant that they couldn’t see the value in the Advisor selection of one product vs many.

We developed customer journey, branding and dynamic communication materials to change this perception explaining the rigour behind the product in clear language.


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