Go for it in life and your career

Encouraging people passionate about health and fitness in life to go for it in their fitness career

During the initial analysis and member survey, we’d highlighted that the audiences for Cert III & IV fitness education VS professional development had different needs and should be treated separately – something the business had already been considering. With little differentiation in the category except for different celebrity ambassadors, and a big need to recruit quality trainers to help solve the health issues of the nation, we were tasked with the rebrand and marketing planning. 

The three key insights were:

1) Consumer – there were a lot of ‘latent agents of change’ in Australia who were naturally influencing their friends and family to change their health & fitness habits, but didn’t really consider fitness as a viable career;

2) Consumer – aspirations were becoming increasingly personalised eg I want to be a boxing teacher – an area that only Fitness Network could provide with their 100s CECs; 

3) Category – many trainers were leaving the category within 2 years because they didn’t have the skills or support for running a business and questionable quality from ‘production line’ education providers. 

This led to the proposition and subsequent brand name that we’re the only provider to offer flexibility (online, when/where you want, CECs for specialisation), training and support (Network’s 27 years supporting fitness professionals careers) for you.

The brand idea was used as a hashtag to motivate the audience to #goforit in their career and lives, with fitnessU.

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