Answering the call

Build a compelling, uniting image

We were asked to develop a campaign to encourage more Under 35s to visit National Parks, more often.

Whilst there are a few sites that are known and visited, National Parks does not have a single-minded, brand image that is meaningful to under 35s, they are not a homogenous group, aren’t aware of the breadth and depth of places and activities, and planning barriers (time to get there, organising friends, connection to mobile) held them back at a rational level. 

We needed to develop a creative platform and campaign that was single-minded, uniting all segments and experiences, to build a compelling, meaningful image that made the rational barriers a secondary thought (to be addressed in other media).


Insight driven creative

We uncovered the insight that the call of nature is more than a feeling, its deep in our roots, innate, primal, natural instinct.

As an opposite reaction to our busy, stressed, hyperconnected lives, the call of nature is a strong force that pulls us closer to our natural state – scientifically known as biophilia. The problem being that amidst the every day stressors, we forget that the real source of nature is not that far away. 

Our strategic opportunity was to get under 35s to listen to and act upon their innate connection – the umbilical cord – to National Parks. 

The creative developed by The Hallway encouraged under 35s to answer the call. 

With The Hallway

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