Leading the way

Strategic review and recommendations

Australian Fitness Network has always focussed on informing, inspiring and educating its members to be the best they can be. With a range of offers that were not clearly linked to the Master brand, and increased competition in the marketplace, we were asked to complete a strategic review and recommendations for the brand.

We completed market, competitor, customer and business analysis to identify SWOT, segmentation and direction for propositions/key messages; followed by an extensive member survey.

Initial recommendations included: sub-brands to be clearly attributed to the master brand; mobilising the brand through brand ambassadors; changes to content and distribution; profiles for customer segments; overall direction for brand to shift from need to want; key messages for propositions.

The path to leading the way

We developed brand, marketing & communications plans for each of the areas that identified what needed to be addressed across key customer journey touch-points – driving awareness, engagement, conversion, experience and increasing member value.

We focussed on the marketing for each area of the business – FILEX, Insurance, Education, Information; and reviewed the customer journeys to identify gaps.

We then reviewed the brand as a whole including key messages, personality and identity refresh, based on the insight that fitness professionals can feel isolated and unsupported in their careers. For fitness professionals who want to lead the way for their clients, they need AFN to lead the way for the industry – thus the tagline ‘leading the way’ works for both AFN and members.

We developed member value propositions for each segment, including new benefits.

Create business, brand and stakeholder value

Work with us to engage your employees, customers and stakeholders to build, align and activate brand, employer brand and responsible business strategies. We’d love to help you create meaningful value for your employees, customers and stakeholders and achieve healthier results.

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