Fuelling greatness

Developing a platform for future growth

With a dearth of healthy convenient food and perception driven by small serves, bland and stale ingredients, Sumo Salad entered the market 14 years ago as first to offer consumers fresh and filling bowls of delicious and nutritious salad.

Following years of growth, in a category growing in popularity, the brand had strayed from its owner’s original purpose, lost its differentiation and wasn’t delivering consistent experience. We were asked to help SUMO develop their future-facing brand platform, aligning customers, franchisees and employees and ready for innovation.

Elevating the brand for greatness

To get clear on the brand truths, we looked at the brand owners’ original intent and what made the brand ‘SUMO’.


We researched perceptions and attitudes to health with customers, franchisees, employees to identify the key segments SUMO should be targeting and what was important to them. 

We spoke to franchisees and employees about their experience to understand what makes working for SUMO special and what needs to change to move forward. 

This enabled us to build the brand platform, articulate the purpose and brand idea, ‘fuelling greatness’, pinpoint the values, develop the manifesto, brand architecture and propositions for current and future services. We conducted persona workshop to develop customer and employee profiles and propositions.

This provided a platform for innovation, employee engagement, a renewed focus on delivering a consistently great customer experience and to tie together previously disparate customer communications.  

We continue to work with Sumo Salad on strategy and planning. 

Create business, brand and stakeholder value

Work with us to engage your employees, customers and stakeholders to build, align and activate brand, employer brand and responsible business strategies. We’d love to help you create meaningful value for your employees, customers and stakeholders and achieve healthier results.

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