Doing things differently

Identifying the opportunity​

Geoscience Australia sought the development of communications messaging for Australian Minerals to attract foreign investment to mining in Australia. Upon initial briefing, it became clear that the business had not identified the market opportunity to be able to answer who are we talking to and what are we talking to them about. To this end, we recommended a full market analysis, identifying the customer, their needs, what we could credibly offer and the most effective way to communicate with them.  

A compelling story for investment​

We conducted an initial analysis of mining investment data to identify and agree key markets for whom the communications messaging was to be developed.


With the key responsibility of communicating the messages lying with internal stakeholders, we needed to engage them from the beginning and build a brand that clarified their role and behaviour, as well as a differentiated positioning for customers.

We conducted research amongst internal and external stakeholders to build the brand, aligning internal to external brands, develop communications messaging and communications plan. 

The primary tool was a brochure with layered messages for the state representatives to use in mining conferences around the world, with high level messages for website. 

With The Folk

Create business, brand and stakeholder value

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