Business, Brand, Employer Brand Audit and Analysis

What is it and why is it important?

The initial audit involves reviewing what your business, brand and employer brand has been doing across objectives, strategy and execution, and alignment between business, brand and employer brand.

The analysis involves conducting an assessment of your business, brand and/or employer brand health against key metrics. We analyse what your brand has been doing against your performance to understand the drivers and/or barriers to performance across the business. This enables us to provide you with recommendations and priorities on what you need to do to move forward.

We do this:

  • As a standalone project to understand and prioritise what to do, thus informing the brief and scope of work; or
  • As part of a larger project such as developing positioning or value propositions, during the initial research and analysis stage.


The strength of your business, brand and/or employer brand serves to attract or deter customers and employees, partners and suppliers, investors and influencers – whether you’ve defined it or not!

When you build equity in your brand, it lowers business risk, increases the opportunity to charge a higher price and adds value to your business.

It is worthwhile taking some time to think about your business, brand and employer brand health prior to preparing your business, brand and employer brand strategies and plans for the future so you understand the drivers and barriers to performance and head in the right direction!

How we go about it

It will depend on the size of your business, how long you’ve been operating and how much information and analysis you’ve already done to determine the level of detail we need to go into.

A more comprehensive audit and analysis includes:

  • Macro factors e.g. consumer and business confidence, legislation changes, social/cultural shifts, talent mobility, sustainability
  • Market size, trends and attractiveness for products, services, employees, investors
  • Category and competitor audit for category cues and competitor visual identity and campaigns, positioning and proof points, product range, price point and distribution, talent attraction and P&C initiatives
  • Audience understanding, segmentation and target market, audiences within your target market, profiles and journey map translated to the funnel, employee and/or customer lifecycle
  • Brand/Employer brand health including brand architecture, identity and campaign visual audit, positioning and messaging audit, marketing and media plans, investment and share of voice against key metrics
  • Business strategy, model and commercial value proposition, annual and sustainability plan, key capabilities and capacity, leadership, innovation, technology, customer centricity, organisation structure


From the audit and analysis, key findings are distilled into a report, surfacing the key challenge and opportunity for the business, brand and/or employer brand. We identify information gaps and provide recommendations on what needs to be done and priorities.

Our experience in this area:

Our Managing Director, Rachel Bevans, has years of experience in this area working in global and local client-side roles for Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky, Westpac, Unilever, and Hovis; and in consulting roles for De Montfort University and United Business Media.

Over the last 9 years, we’ve helped CareFlight, SUMO Salad, TAFE NSW Riverina, Australian Fitness Network, Larktale and Mineler, another large professional services firm and two tech start-ups (not launched yet), Geoscience Australia, Gale Pacific and Norton Rose Fulbright (with Folk). 

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