Brand Marketing & Employer Brand Counsel & Coaching

Brand Marketing & Employer Brand Counsel & Coaching

We offer two types of ongoing service: 

  • Brand and employer brand counsel – periodic performance monitoring and strategic direction for changes needed to activities and strategies
  • Brand marketing and employer brand coaching – ongoing coaching of your team; providing strategic direction for execution across the marketing mix, brand and employee experience; and monitoring performance

Brand and employer brand counsel

This is where we either lead, co-lead or are part of a group that periodically reviews the performance of your brand, employer brand or business strategy.

Key people in the team might be your brand, employer brand and/or business strategy leads, product and service leads, your pricing lead, your sales lead, your business process and transformation leads, employee engagement lead.

The group will review performance against objectives and KPIs established through the project. This will be done within the context of rollout and migration status, executions launched, market and competitor activity.

The role of brand counsel is to provide strategic direction and ideation for evolving the tactics prior to the strategy. It’s also to identify any challenges with the research providing the data required to make decisions, and any inconsistencies with previous research.

Comprehensive performance reviews are usually conducted quarterly and last for 1/2 day.

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Brand marketing and employer brand coaching

This is where we work closely with your marketing and/or people & culture teams throughout the process and continue through execution.

It may be two hours a week or one day a week ongoing, with the research, strategy and planning projects in addition, as required.

For brand and marketing

For marketing in small-to-medium organisations this service is ideal if you don’t have a marketing director or CMO as we can provide the strategic direction for your team, coaching them in all things brand and marketing, overseeing execution and measuring performance against KPIS to provide recommendations for evolving the activities and strategies. 

Then when further research, strategy and planning is required, we can ensure it’s done quickly and effectively.

For employer brand

For people & culture teams, our ongoing coaching involves helping your team develop the employee experience and initiatives that consistently deliver against the employer brand strategy.

We will also help you with employee engagement throughout the process, making sure that employees are involved at relevant points and information is disseminated for them through the relevant channels so they understand what to do at an individual and team level.

It will involve helping you establish the dashboard of KPIs, monitoring performance ongoing and providing recommendations for evolving activities and strategies, as required.

Our focus is on keeping the employer brand and employee experience “on brand”. Whilst we keep up-to-speed with the latest P&C matters, we rely on your P&C team for their expertise. 

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