Employee Experience and Innovation

What is it and why is it important?  

Your employee experience includes all the perceptions and experiences current, future and past employees have of your organisation as a great place to work.

When you develop your employer brand, it is critical that the employee experience delivers against what you promise and supports employees to do what is expected of them to deliver against the customer/corporate brand promise and drive the business forward.

When we think of the employee lifecycle, it includes everything from before they’re even looking for a job to after they leave and indeed, filling the pipeline of new employees:

  • Attraction
    • Relevant awareness (as prospective employee, influencer, customer and/or investor)
    • Search and research
    • Recruitment & selection
    • Onboarding & orientation
  • Engagement
    • Connections
    • Wellbeing, health & safety aspects
    • Work/life blend, flexibility, remote working, parental leave
    • Enablement, technology etc
    • Empowerment, decision-making authority, leadership support & coaching
    • Change management and internal communications
    • Employee advocacy
    • Research / Feedback Loop
    • Sustainability / CSR Opportunities
  • Retention
    • Leadership & management
    • Training & Development
    • Career planning & progression
    • Reward & recognition
  • Off Boarding
    • Exit strategy & interviews
    • Alumni and referrals
    • Boomerang employment


At the centre of the experience is the organisation purpose and values, organising idea, behaviours and culture.  

Ideation and innovation occurs across each of these elements to ensure there are initiatives for each segment across the experience, to bring to life the brand positioning and differentiate the organisation in a way that is relevant to employees.

How we go about it

We work closely with the P&C team to identify the aspects of the employee lifecycle for your organisation and the “must have” behaviours and initiatives to deliver against the employer brand and customer/corporate brand promise. We also work to understand the initiatives across every aspect of the experience, so we have a full picture.

We do this at an employer brand level and at an employee segment level to ensure that we define and develop behaviours and initiatives that are relevant to all current and future employees.  

This process includes research and workshops with your current employees, prospective employees and leavers. There are four key times when this occurs:

  • During exploration prior to development of the positioning
  • To stress test the positioning against the experience and identify gaps – this could be researching alternate territories and/or a final stress test once the positioning has been refined.
  • Reviewing the suite of initiatives that have been developed by People & Culture team amongst each segment to ensure they have relevant attributes for each segment, identifying where there are gaps
  • Innovation of new initiatives and creative expression of the developed initiatives to bring to life the employer brand positioning


The innovation session will include stimulus from great places to work across the world and working with our creative partners to stimulate new ideas. Helping you to stand out in a way that is relevant to your current and prospective employees.

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