Organising Idea

What is it and why is it important? 

The organising idea sums up – or organises – all our thinking into a few words that can then drive forward the business, brand or employer brand, value proposition for a product, service or experience offering, or campaign.

Naming it as such gives us flexibility for the strategy we’re developing, rather than calling it a brand idea, for example, which works only for brand strategy. 

It is usually internally facing, and not an externally facing brand tagline or hashtag, although in some cases it could be.

It often acts as a rally call for employees that can be easily remembered when delivering the experience.

A few examples here:

“Everything matters” for Metro Trains was an internally facing organising idea for driving their shift from trains-on-time numbers to customer-centric experiences. Their audience was employees whilst customers are the end beneficiaries.

“Protecting the path to possibility” for NSW Department of Transport Cyber Security Advisory & Solutions was an organising idea summing up the business value proposition to shift perceptions of their service from a no factory focussed on risk to a helpful service balancing risk with innovation. Their audience was employees across the Dept of Transport.

“Fuelling greatness” for SUMO Salad was our organising idea that works to sum up the brand for all audiences and as their brand tagline. As such it works as a hashtag also.

“We are change navigators” for Norton Rose Fulbright is the employer brand idea that works to attract, retain and engage employees to the firm. It describes the employee experience and defines the employee-client relationship.  

One of our clients calls it “the money shot” because it isn’t easy to come up with an idea that achieves everything this needs to. It takes quite a bit of writing and percolating to come up with the right phrase.

A powerful idea that drives everything you are, say and do is well worth investing time and money to get it right.  

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