Audience profiles and journey mapping

What is it and why is it important?

Audience profiles bring to life each of the audiences within your target market so that you can facilitate the decision-making process, design the customer, employee or stakeholder experience across the whole journey from attraction to retention including engagement and even exiting, identifying pleasure and pain points in the journey or focus on your website user experience.

Psychographic and behavioural attributes help you understand what makes them tick so you can design the right initiatives, develop the right messages and influence them in the right places to help them purchase your products, services or experiences; join, stay and thrive with your organisation for employment; invest in or supply to your organisation. Demographic and geolocation attributes help you find and quantify them.

We have a profile template that includes all these attributes, accompanied by the key questions that help you identify the audiences – either in a survey, online or even for your front-line employees when serving customers. Contact us for an example.

Once the audience profiles are completed, they can be used for mapping the journey.

This could be the end-to-end journey, from when customers, employees or stakeholders are not yet in the market, to searching for products, services, employment or investments, to narrowing their choice, selecting, purchasing and signing the dotted line to delivery, first usage or experience and on-boarding to repeat purchase and purchasing across your range, thriving in your organisation, exiting your organisation and alumni, no longer purchasing from your organisation.

Or it could be a specific part of the journey such as the website user experience, the store experience or the career development and progression experience.

Mapping the journey and understanding where the “wow” and “woah” moments are for your audience is critical to ensuring you deliver against the promises made by the brand, employer brand and business.

How we go about it

  1. Understand your business objectives and problem – What you want the audience profiles and journey mapping for? Why now?
  2. What information or research do you already have as inputs into the audience profile and journey? – Segmentation, target audience, corporate and/or employer brand and value propositions, customer complaints, employee exit interviews etc
  3. Initial mapping of the journey with your team, identifying key stages in the journey. Identify gaps in understanding and propose solution/s to fill the gaps. This may include research with your customers, employees, stakeholders to understand their values and needs, their journey and what influences them along the way, pleasure and pain points.
  4. Design and conduct interactive workshop with your team to involve them in building out the profiles and mapping each journey, so that when they go to use it, they are already immersed.
    1. This may be held in conjunction with 3) so we have your team and prosumers or employee champions in the room at the same time.
    2. If there are multiple audiences, we may split audience profiling and journey mapping into two separate workshops.
    3. Prioritise initiatives, key pleasure and pain points to focus upon for maximum impact
  5. Strategy and creative development for each profile with a journey map.
  6. Develop one combined journey for your target market with the prioritised initiatives. This consolidates all the requirements for your brand-customer experience, employee experience or website experience. It can be conducted as strategy development or another team workshop.
  7. Action planning for the initiatives.
  8. Deliver final strategy and creative development of audience profiles and journeys with one consolidated journey to client, including playbook and action plan.

This can progress into ideation for the initiatives and activation thereof, messaging matrix and creative development. Refer to the appropriate sections for:

Our experience in this area

Our Managing Director, Rachel Bevans, has prior experience in client-side on Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky for global and Australian market, and consulting on Dove Chocolate and Ballantine’s Whisky (Dragon). 

Over the last nine years, we’ve helped SUMO Salad, Criniti’s Italian Restaurants, Australian Fitness Network and Fitness U, Transport for NSW Cyber Security Advisory, Mineler and Larktale; Bunnings catalogue (with The Brand Agency); Astra Zeneca Simply4 Doctors Website (with The Hallway) and Colonial First State Multi-Manager (with Cobe).

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