Brand Positioning & Customer Value Proposition

Brand Positioning & Customer Value Proposition

What is it and why is it important?


Your brand is the sum of all parts, including your brand positioning, brand value proposition and proof points as well as the brand-customer experience, segment customer value propositions and experiences. Every experience matters and either adds value to or detracts from your brand and your reputation.

Brand positioning

Your brand positioning is how you are positioned within the market or category. It’s what you stand for. It’s the space you occupy in the minds, hearts and lives of your target market. It’s how you stand apart from competitors in a way that is relevant and compelling to your audiences. This can often be summed up as a word or two:

  • Airbnb is belonging
  • Volvo is safety
  • Lego is play

Brand value proposition or customer value proposition

Your value proposition talks directly to the category problem, expressing what you offer that is of value to your customer to make their lives a little better, different to competitors. It will be accompanied with the proof points, the reasons why they should believe you. 

At the brand level, the value proposition forms part of the positioning statement.

  • Volvo offers transport solutions that provide you with the freedom to move in a personal, sustainable and safe way.
  • Airbnb connects travellers with someone’s home as a place stay, so you feel like you belong anywhere you go. We help to make home sharing easy, enjoyable and safe.
  • Lego creative play experiences release a child’s potential and help them thrive in a complex and challenging world through the joy of building and pride of creation.

Each customer segment will have a customer value proposition that sits under the brand umbrella and talks directly to the customer segment value and needs.

  • Volvo Trucks offers truck drivers an innovative new system, Volvo Dynamic Steering, that greatly improves precision and stability in any driving situation.

Think the Jean-Claude Van Damme Epic Split ad. This clearly communicates their brand positioning of safety, as well talking about the product features and benefits of Volvo trucks in a way that appeal to their target audience segment of truck drivers, as well as the wider audience.

Please note that these examples are developed from information that is readily available online. They may not be exact. We do not share confidential strategies of our clients.

How we go about it

The below is high level. We’ll detail the steps according to your business and brand requirements. 

  1. Define the business problem and objectives
  2. Conduct research to understand the problem, insights about the category and competitors, culture and customers, business and brand, market mapping, identify and size the market opportunity
  3. Customer segmentation to identify key segments in the category, their values, needs and unmet needs/pain points
  4. Identify which segment/s to target and define the common insight and issue
  5. Develop the brand platform: purpose, vision and values; customer value proposition and proof; brand belief, positioning and behaviour; personality, tone of voice and mnemonics
  6. Create an organising idea and stress test it across the brand-customer experience

Our experience in this area:

Our Managing Director, Rachel Bevans, prior experience includes client-side for Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky, Westpac, and Continental Bouillons; WSP Engineering, United Business Media, De Montfort University, Pearson Edexcel and Cred Jewellery (with Radley Yeldar); Western Pacific Financial Planning and Metro Trains (with McCann).

Over the last nine years, we have worked with CareFlight, Transport NSW Cyber Security Advisory, SUMO Salad, Citygreen, Larktale, Mineler, Australian Fitness Network, Raw Energy Coach; Geoscience Australia (with Folk), TAFE NSW Riverina and Ryvita (with The Hallway), Coco Joy (with Bloke) and Colonial First State Multi-Manager (with Cobe).

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