Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Why qualitative research?

Ask us about qualitative research when you need a deeper, broader or more detailed understanding of what’s important to your audience, their needs, attitudes and usage, perceptions and experiences, their decision-making journey and pain points.

Qualitative research is not simply asking questions to elicit a response – like the information collected from a survey or quantitative research, whether multiple choice, rating scale or open-ended questions.

The exploratory and non-prescriptive nature of qualitative research enables the facilitator to explore and understand the breadth of attitudes, behaviours, perceptions and experiences, beyond initial responses. It’s an opportunity to follow a conversation and explore what you don’t know, the questions you may not have thought to ask, as well as covering what you need to understand.

How we go about it

We use a variety of exploratory, projection and behavioural techniques that help surface feelings and behaviours, throughout the research process, including open-ended questions followed up with further questioning “why” and “in what way”, thought-bubbles, mapping and stereotypes, word and image associations, diaries, product swaps and deprivation, to name a few.

We use focus groups and mini groups, individual and pair interviews, observation and ethnography, prosumer/co-creation workshops and employee workshops. These days, most research can be conducted online or offline and the recommendation will take into account a variety of factors: demographics of the audience, sensitivity of the topics, level of detail, the research situation, distance between cohorts, cost and timing, as well as challenges such as Covid-19.

Qualitative research samples are indicatively representative of your target audience, not statistically representative, and are likely to be smaller and less robust than quantitative research. The two may be used together to achieve the best of both worlds – a deeper, broader understanding and reliable, valid quantification.

Our experience

We have experience conducting research with consumers and purchasers, business leaders, employees and suppliers across focus groups, mini groups, pair interviews, individual interviews, prosumer/co-creation workshops, ethnography, observation and employee workshops.  

Code of Professional Behaviour

As Qualified Professional Researcher and member of The Research Society, we are bound by our Code of Professional Behaviour to carry out research activities in a professional and ethical manner, with particular focus on protecting the respondent.

Research brief

Upon receipt of your brief, we will scope the proposal with recommended research design, methodology and sample.  To scope, we ask for your best attempt at the information below in however we understand you may not know all the information yourself, or as part of a larger brand or employer brand project it hasn’t been defined yet. Most of these areas we will help you define more tightly through the process, in particular the problem and sample.

When you’re briefing us, please include your best attempt at the following:

  • Definition of the problem (that’s led to the brief)
  • Background (to business, brand, employer brand, customers, employees, stakeholders etc)
  • Business objective and problem
  • Research objectives (including specifics you’d like to understand)
  • How the information will be used (including action standards)
  • Target market (demographics, geographies, psychographics, behavioural)
  • Deliverables
  • Research in your business (including department/responsibility, general attitudes towards research and quantitative vs qualitative research, existing research/information sources)
  • Timing
  • Budget
  • Key contacts

We will look at your brief and recommend the most effective combination of secondary and primary research, qualitative and quantitative research, creative solutions and collaborative partners to meet your needs. 

Download a research brief here: THBC RESEARCH BRIEF

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