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Inspired by our clients’ challenges and own experiences, our articles address the many and varied aspects of brand, employer brand and responsible business. 


Redefining data ecosystems for the data economy

Overview: As first written for First 5000 and with insights from Michael McDonald, Fl@World CTO, Rachel Bevans discusses a new definition of data ecosystems and …


The value of values

 A discussion on the opportunity to develop values as distinctive drivers for your organisation, its people and brands. As first written for First 5000. Off …


Do your employees trust you?

A look at the findings from the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer and implications for brand, employer brand and business results. In the wake of the …


Aligning people and brands when everything is changing

Insights into the challenges and way forward for delivering corporate, customer and employer brand strategies and campaigns during organisation and environment change. Everything is changing It’s …


How your brand aligns customer and employee experience

Aligning the employee experience to the customer experience seems to be a hot topic at the moment. But similar to the rise of customer experience …


Brand alignment: Only 19% employees feel their organisation delivers against its promises

New research from Weber Shandwick indicates that just 19% employees strongly agree that “what my employer portrays about itself publicly matches what it’s like to …


When brands align: Ford, Nike, Zappos, SUMO Salad

Successful organisations align the customer, corporate and employer brands and experiences to increase alignment to and engagement with the brand, and empower employees to deliver consistently against the …


Employer brand or Corporate culture… what's the difference?

We spoke to First 5000 about the importance of and difference between Employer brand and Corporate culture.


Revitalise Your Brand

Balance consistency and evolution Brands should be developed as long-term assets to the company and for long-term relationships with customers and employees. Consistency is key. …

Create business, brand and stakeholder value

Work with us to engage your employees, customers and stakeholders to build, align and activate brand, employer brand and responsible business strategies. We’d love to help you create meaningful value for your employees, customers and stakeholders that achieves healthier results.

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