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The agile, evolving organisation needs a living, evolving data ecosystem

The agile and evolving organisation needs a living, evolving data ecosystem to deliver seamless customer experiences, employee experiences, supply chain integration, M&A integration and speed ...

Criticizing the Competitor Does not Win Customer Trust

From years of research across multiple categories, in general, people don’t trust other people, brands or businesses that criticize the competitor. It doesn’t show great ...

Be more human: The human centric organisation and experiences

First appearing in First5000 Why are humans orchestrating less than optimal human experiences?  Recently my feed has been inundated with articles talking about the need ...

I want to hug the brand, not the campaign or the experience

If you’ve been listening over the last few months/years, you’ll likely have noticed my increasing frustration at the state of marketing and influencers trying to ...

Does your brand deliver against its promises to customers and employees?

The hypothesis (our approach) Aligning people, brands and experiences around a common purpose, values and idea ensures the brand consistently delivers against its promise to ...

The power of alignment: employee and company purpose and values

Research by Gallup indicates that “When workers are engaged but not aligned with their organisation’s brand, it limits their power to create an engaging customer ...

One Brand. One Experience. One Data Ecosystem Technology Platform

Overview: This is the follow up article to “Redefining data ecosystems for the data economy” written for First 5000. In this article we explore the ...

Building brands people trust

Research on trust and reputation. Brands such as Qantas, Bunnings, Toyota, ALDI win across research on trusted brands. Salmat indicates that the top reason why ...

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Work with us to engage your employees, customers and stakeholders to build, align and activate brand, employer brand and responsible business strategies. We’d love to help you create meaningful value for your employees, customers and stakeholders that achieves healthier results.

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