Building brands people trust

Research on trust and reputation.

Brands such as Qantas, Bunnings, Toyota, ALDI win across research on trusted brands.

Salmat indicates that the top reason why Australian consumers continue to buy a specific brand (beyond price and quality) is because they trust the brand = 67%

Reptrak concurs with purchase intent +6.3% amongst corporate brands with an excellent reputation. Reptrak proves other benefits such as +5.7% positive sentiment (advocacy); +57% willing to work for them (employer of choice) and +63% give them benefit of the doubt.

Readers Digest says… “trust is built on the traditional foundations of quality, consistency, honesty and delivering on your promise.”

Trust is not a value or a positioning, it is not one audience or one dimensional. Trust is one brand, people first.

At The Healthy Brand Company, we believe that people and brands are two of your company’s most valuable assets. Organisations are prevented from realising their value due to lack of alignment between: purpose and values of people and company; corporate, customer and employer strategies and brands; operational silos; the promise and delivery of experiences. Brands that struggle to be trusted are not aligned within or outside the organisation.

Whether your brand architecture is house of brands or branded house, building trust requires aligning people – customers, employees, stakeholders – and brands – corporate, customer and employer brands – around a common purpose, values and idea; empowering and energising your people to consistently and authentically deliver against the brand promise across every touch-point.

Author, Rachel Bevans is the Owner/MD Strategy & Planning of The Healthy Brand Company. We engage people to build and align brands, communications and experiences, linking brand to business and the bottom line. 

Rachel Bevans

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