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#healthybrand: Aussie brand Smiggle goes global

Aunty Rach is all too familiar with the Smiggle brand. As kids, we tested our pester power on Crayola. Now it’s Smiggle that brings kudos …


Creative inspiration thanks to adidas

The thought or fear of Creativity seems to stump many people into paralysis. How do I come up with a good idea? What’s the process? …


The great undo: overcoming the great divide

NSW government ‘Get Healthy’ campaign is a big step forward in reaching the masses. Free advice on food and exercise! These real people stories created …


The great undo: holistic health connected by technology

Holistic health as one of the key trends for 2014 connected by technology. This new realm of information is being driven by and will further …


The great undo: mental health

Source: Trendwatching A more holistic view of health where mental health is recognised as important alongside physical health and technology enables self-analysis, diagnosis and treatment …

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The great undo: beyond food

Aspiring to a Natural Lifestyle – beyond food It’s now 2014 and this health traction (trend-in-action) is everywhere – radiating from New Year’s Resolutions through …

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