#healthybrand A delightful experience for the long weekend…

It’s a beautiful day of 30 degrees and the Friday before the long weekend. I just visited a very healthy brand company. OK so its a health and wellbeing business. But that doesn’t mean it’s naturally healthy. Or does it? The service was family friendly, genuinely caring, calm and relaxing – from reception through to all the team of health professionals – naturopath, massage therapist, chiro, acupuncture – and the boss himself. What can businesses like banks or telcos learn from this? Imagine if the phone rang only twice, the customer service on the other end of the phone greeted you with their name and then your name and asked you how they could help. Then upon entering the store/branch, the same happened and you were surrounded by dim lights and soft music. Then following a truly helpful visit, they give you a subliminal trial (I’ll be buying some of that rose water). The expectation is different, I entered there knowing I was going to be treated well so I entered in a good mood and left in an even better one. Why shouldn’t this be the expectation and experience for a bank, or a telco or a supermarket? Do you have a healthy brand company story for the long weekend?


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