The future's so bright, you gotta wear shades

After a few weeks of ‘heavy’ conversation about aligning values across brands and integrating the total brand experience across touch-points, this week is a bit lighter. And brighter. And gives me license for a bit of shameless self-promotion.

They say that ‘healthy vision can be restored through simple exercises, using only your eyes and a simple tool’ – pin holed shades.

I’d like to think we’re the pin-holed shades. Helping you look at your business challenges in a different way to reach clarity in direction and making it work. Motivating your people to create and activate a healthy vision for your business and brand. Using a range of simple and insightful exercises in interactive working sessions, 1-to-1, online, in small focus groups or full workshop format. And not one size fits all – we, too, have the aviator version, the sports version or the cool wrap version, depending on your underlying business issue and the approach we agree.

So we say ‘healthy vision for your brand can be restored through simple exercises, using only your people and our strategy, activation and facilitation expertise’. See. The future is bright. And healthy.



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