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People and brands are two of a company’s most valuable assets. So taking a healthy approach in motivating your people to create and activate healthy brands will achieve healthier results. This is my blog topic. And talking to people about this topic sparks personal pride and storytelling that is an inspiration for others.

One FMCG marketing director has a personal philosophy around making Australians’ lives healthier that marries with the vision of the company and is carried by each of the marketing team and influences everything they do.

Another marketing director in Telco talks about the purpose and values of the organisation being driven by its owners, from personally on-boarding every individual through to constant monitoring with team leaders on motivation levels and how people are living the values through their behaviours and the work produced.

An Insurance sales director talks about his company providing personal training including nutrition and fitness programmes to help differentiate their image from other insurance providers. 

A Retail customer service manager talks about their company no longer settling for individual sick days but ensuring people are well before returning to work and spreading their germs and germ-ridden image to customers and the rest of the workforce. 

So across industries, purpose and values are being aligned throughout the business, driven by the people and translated across touch-points, to help differentiate, protect and strengthen the brand image and experience.

Then I talk to a management consultant, and my reaction is not dissimilar to the blog I wrote about Wall Street. ‘We have a very strong culture – have you heard of high-performance culture?’, she says, ‘That’s what ours is’. Yep. Most companies I’ve worked with in the financial services, wealth management, investments and management consulting talk about having a high performance culture. So what’s different about yours to another? How do you stand out to another? 

Take inspiration from the FMCG, Retail, Telco and even Insurance companies and pull the brand through the business – it makes you stand out and gives customers a reason to buy from you over someone else.

Do you have examples of companies who are doing this well, or not? Do you have a different point of view? We’d love to hear from you.


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