The great undo. Our perspective on 'being healthy' towards 2020

As we catapult towards 2020 amidst the conflicting pros and cons of progress – industrial development, technological advances, further education and learning Vs societal breakdown, obesity and disease, climate change – stress is our No. 1 enemy, time our most valuable asset, and good health the symbol of our success.

Work – Life balance has long been desirable, more recently touted as Work – Life blend. It is in these two areas – Work & Life – we are trying to un-do what’s been done before, in the name of progress. And reinvent our definition of success, using the technologies and techniques we have learned and developed, to make new progress.

Being healthy is both the destination and the journey. It’s personal yet it impacts on our inner circle, outer circle and the community at large. It’s about opting in and opting out. It’s full of confusion, contradiction and seemingly conflicting goals and points of view.

When the brain fog dissipates and clarity emerges, we can see the destination, how to get there and enjoy it along the way:

ASPIRE towards The Healthy Workplace & A Natural Lifestyle

ACTION Everyday steps towards your personal Purpose

APPRECIATE the journey by blending being Connected & Disconnected

The Healthy Brand Company works on the premise that people and brands are two of a company’s most valuable assets. So taking a healthy approach in motivating people to create and activate healthy brands will achieve healthier results.

We believe that the 3 key drivers of ‘being healthy’ are aspiration, activation and appreciation, demonstrated through 6 healthy habits – make your workplace as healthy as possible, live life as naturally as possible, find your purpose, make everyday steps towards it, learn when to be connected and disconnected so you enjoy your journey to being healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Our perspective ‘The Great Un-Do’ reviews these drivers and habits, what people – your customers, your clients, your employees, your shareholders, your suppliers and the community – value, and how brands and businesses can demonstrate and are demonstrating ‘being healthy’ towards 2020.

Stay tuned every Wednesday…    Next Wednesday, we’ll start talking about A Natural Lifestyle…

Written by Rachel Bevans in consultation with Brett Henderson PT. 

Rachel is a healthy brand champion and owner of The Healthy Brand Company (ref:

Brett is a trained and practising Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, with a Degree in Physical Education and Management experience. Working from an holistic health & fitness platform, Brett inspires individuals’ goals to gain visible results by combining resistance training and cardiovascular exercise with nutrition and a positive mindset – considering all areas of individuals’ lives. 

Feel free to share with acknowledgements to The Healthy Brand Company, Brett Henderson PT and supporting references.

(c) The Healthy Brand Company, 2013


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