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Aspiring to A Natural Lifestyle Part 4 – the changing nature of fitness

At this time of year we’re all short of time. Time to write, time to read and time to comprehend. So this week – short and sweet, and borrowed. 

When choice of exercise becomes too hard, Mark Sisson ‘The Primal Blueprint’ makes it incredibly easy, just think about how a caveman would do it :
1) short all-out sprints – as if you’re chasing down dinner or escaping from being someone else’s
2) intense sessions of full body functional movement – think climbing up a tree, jumping over a river, squat  pressing to pick up your dinner and lift it over your shoulders to take it, and the wood shop is not called that for nothing! 
3) move frequently at a slow pace – walking to gather berries or collect water, hiking to the next spot for new sources of food or shelter

These are forming the basis for many areas of fitness today – be it studio cycling with intervals and sprints, full body movement exercises, outdoor training and in the context of ‘sitting is the new smoking’, just keep moving!

More to come…

Written by Rachel Bevans in consultation with Brett Henderson PT. 

Rachel is a healthy brand champion and owner of The Healthy Brand Company (ref:

Brett is a trained and practicing Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, with a Degree in Physical Education and Management experience. Working from an holistic health & fitness platform, Brett inspires individuals’ goals to gain visible results by combining resistance training and cardiovascular exercise with nutrition and a positive mindset – considering all areas of individuals’ lives. 

Feel free to share with acknowledgements to The Healthy Brand Company, Brett Henderson PT and supporting references.

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