Intrinsic Motivation: Seek the fire inside

I read a post this morning mocking the ‘January crowd’ at the gym – when us regulars are understandably frustrated by fighting for space in ‘our gym’ for a whole 26 days, until Australia Day or up to 2 months through to the end of summer and the beach signalled by Sydney’s Mardi Gras.
It begs to question – what keeps us motivated to do this all year round? 

And the motivation question came to me again as I laid on my balcony in the sun (after my workout ;)) clearing emails and reluctantly preparing to work – what keeps me motivated to do this all year round? 

As a brand and marketing strategist, the question of motivation is also central to the cause. What motivates our people – employees, customers, shareholders – and how do we motivate them to do/buy/say this all year round? 

Sensing my motivation going out the window where sunshine and socialising beckons, I searched for motivation, literally, and came across this article.

If you want to start something then go to your bank, if you want to generate long-term results seek the fire inside. Feeling – motivated. 


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