Engaging comms: Westpac – Live life with a field force

What a brilliant piece of DM (direct mail)! This is one of the best I’ve seen. Having picked it up from the front, I nearly threw it out at the post office and then I saw the back through the nearly full DL clear window. 

Not only is it personalised, but it taps into my values so strongly that I’m posting it as my affirmation for the day. Be fit, healthy and strong so I can play, jump, run like a 21 year old (hahaha!). This is how I was describing my motivation for everyday training and healthy eating to a PT at the gym this morning, and to a neurosurgeon last week (nothing serious, piriformis syndrome). 

Many of my friends have similar values. Some of my friends and colleagues present and past think its a little crazy and obsessive, but today I officially out-lived the age my father died – my gorgeous dad was creative and fiery, a heavy drinker and smoker.

OK so this is a big part of my motivation of being fit, healthy and strong – which is my force field so I can live life to its fullest – and for me, that no longer means drinking, smoking or eat shit food, sitting on my arse and clubbing all weekend (not saying that it didn’t, since that’s when I met half my readers ;)). 

Many of my friends have similar stories. We’re at the point in life where we really don’t want to grow up or old, and are working hard at cultivating youthful energy – whilst not devoid of grown up responsibilities such as families, jobs and mortgages. 

So whilst this has immense and immediate personal relevance, this is not an opinion of one, it taps into a very current and highly emotive human truth. I hope this drives enquiries for Westpac Lifetime Protect. I’ll certainly call when I have a moment. 

Must run. 


Written by Rachel Bevans
Rachel is the healthy brand champion, owner and managing director for strategy and planning, of The Healthy Brand Company. 
Feel free to share and acknowledge the source. 


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