Launch of fitnessU challenges the category

More than a course, its a lifestyle. Australian Fitness Network launches fitnessU online fitness qualifications that fit your lifestyle, mentored by a network of Pro-Trainers, so you can go for it in your study, career and life.


Since November, we’ve been working together to create a new brand of fitness education. Having supported the careers of fitness professionals for over 25 years, Australian Fitness Network identified a gap in the market for fitness education that genuinely cares about people succeeding and being fulfilled in their study, career and life – delivering high calibre fitness professionals who are empowered to motivate Australians to beat obesity, mental health, stress and other health-related issues and live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

With its core purpose to inform, inspire and educate fitness professionals to be the best they can be, Network has offered superior quality continuing education for fitness professionals and qualifications for aspiring fitness professionals, since its inception. The high demand for quality fitness professionals highlighted the need to give more people the opportunity to access its network of industry-leading professionals – who currently deliver a breadth and depth of up-to-date, quality content and mentoring predominantly for members – who are keen to inspire, motivate and develop quality newcomers to the industry. 

In Australia, we’ve seen an increasing number of people who are passionate about fitness, who are influencing and motivating their friends, family and colleagues, but aren’t qualified. Many people who would have a successful and fulfilling career in fitness aren’t pursuing it, as they can’t see a way to fit study or their career around their lives. And whilst the fitness industry has long promoted the energy and vibrancy of a career in fitness, the reality is that while it’s rewarding, it’s also hard work, you’re ‘always on’ and often on your own, and you need business skills that you never realised – like sales, marketing and customer service. 

The launch of fitnessU, powered by Network, builds upon Network’s renowned qualifications and activates its members as Pro-trainers to provide more flexibility and support so people can study around their active lifestyles and current life, work and financial responsibilities, and smoothly transition from study into the workforce.fitnessU and Network are committed to developing quality fitness professionals who are empowered to motivate Australians and make a visible difference.  

Learn, Train, Transform at fitnessU. GO FOR IT!


Australian Fitness Network and fitnessU run a tight ship with a team of people who genuinely care about fitness professionals, are full of ideas and punch well above their weight to consistently deliver better experiences to their members, current and prospective fitness professionals – providing leadership, innovation and motivating brand experiences to the fitness industry.

The Healthy Brand Company worked closely with the team to create the brand, developing the brand strategy, communications strategy, marketing plan and activation across touch-points, most of which was implemented internally with the support of few independent providers. 

Be motivated by our brand inspiration film, experience the new website and keep watching this space…

Written by Rachel Bevans
Rachel is the healthy brand champion, owner and managing director for strategy and planning, of The Healthy Brand Company. 
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