Trends in Health : experts need to sustain value as we reach the tipping point


K so I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front. Whilst I know theoretically that sending people back to my website is important for building a database of ‘my’ customers and readers, social media has been my ‘go-to’ solution for speed to keep you, and me, up-to-date. 

What I’ve observed over the last 3 months with our health trends is that the health movement is transitioning more rapidly from the hands of the experts into passionate yet ‘unqualified’ key influencers, and many of these qualified professionals are up in arms. 

I’ve heard it from nutritionists, personal trainers, that ‘the people’ are taking it in their own hands, with masses of information and inspiration available from google and social media, but without the experience and expertise to navigate what’s right and wrong, and how to apply it to their individual situations. 

Health is about the individual, not the masses. Fair call. But change is what we’ve all wanted, isn’t it? In an aim to reverse obesity, diabetes, heart disease and numerous other diseases caused by lack of self-care and prevention. 

When the big corporates jump on the bandwagon to do something to reverse their ways, Maccas and Coca-Cola, you know its gaining momentum. Whether we like it or not, these guys have the commercial weight to make a difference. 

When key influencers, such as chefs who have played such an important part in ‘foodie’ Australia, are sharing their ways of cooking healthy food, you know its gaining momentum. They are using their position of influence to spread the word more quickly.

When lads and ladies who have worked hard to reach a certain aesthetic are all over Instagram inspiring others, giving tips on how they achieved their goals, you know its gaining momentum. These guys are the groundswell. 

These three parties play ‘The Connectors’ role in Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’. Qualified professionals have their role to play in providing the expertise and experience to help people navigate the guff and apply ‘healthy living’ to individuals’ situations. Your VALUE is in being the knowledgeable ‘Mavens’ – influencing people with the right knowledge – and the ‘Salesmen’ – convincing people across the from the dark side to the light side. 

As with all industries, it goes through the motions, as it becomes more mainstream, prices are challenged – and its hard to get the novice to appreciate the value of expertise when they have so much for free from people who are successfully achieving their dreams without the expertise. 

Take it from me – everyone is a marketing expert – few-and-far-between have 20+ years experience yet everyone wants something for nothing, and when you’re trying to source new business, it’s very easy to fall into this trap. 

Stick to your guns. Value your own worth. Work out what you stand for. Build your brand and market it. Be consistent in your behaviour. Maintain your integrity. Keep improving and innovating. Value your time. And go with the flow of the masses, constantly adding value not giving yourself away for free. 
Written by Rachel Bevans
Rachel is the healthy brand champion, owner and managing director for strategy and planning, of The Healthy Brand Company. 
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