Trends in Health and Creating your healthy brand-driven business

Healthy New Year! 

Most people seem to have health-related New Year’s Resolutions – whether that’s reducing alcohol, eating more healthily, practising meditation and mindfulness, taking up the gym or simply moving more and sitting less – so it seems timely to update our health trends. We’ve been posting these primarily on Facebook so if you haven’t liked us yet, please join us to stay up-to-date and/or contact us for a presentation. 

You’ll also find Inspiration to build your own #healthybrand including strategic concepts to get you thinking, examples of healthy brand companies and cool marketing implementation ideas to help you stand out from the crowd. Now that’s whet your appetite, we’d love to talk to you about what makes a #healthybrand and how we can help you to master your own in 2015. 

We look forward to being on this exciting journey with you. Yours in great health, Rachel. 


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