Disconnect to Reconnect… a macro #Health #Trend gaining momentum, what action are you taking?

A fellow I follow on Instagram, posted this yesterday, using Einstein’s quote to sum up the fear that technology has indeed surpassed interaction to the detriment of healthy minds and lives. I hear you. But I’m also moved to see a movement fighting against this gaining momentum.

Disconnect to reconnect is one of the macro health trends we’ve observed, and if you’ve been following me on social media or in face-to-face meetings and workshops, this won’t be news to you. However, as we’re following the trend, we’reobserving new examples every day, it seems to be gaining momentum, which is always exciting. Especially when you can see the tension atevery corner.

When it comes to macro cultural trends, there are many differentiated and distinctive opportunities to tap into them with your brand that in a ways that is relevant and compelling to your consumers. This is not the answer to your problems. Have a think about what your brand-driven business can offer your consumer that is different to your competitors and other brands who are tapping into this. And take a look at the examples below for some inspiration, and by all means, please call us when you want more insight and illumination to make this happen for you.

There was a game that started going round a couple of years ago where you put phones upside down on top of each other and first person to play ‘you play, you pay’.

The TV series Wonderland started promoting their FAT nights where you put your phones in a bowl to instead appreciate the food and immediate company.

Now @fonefreefeb are aiming to ‘take back dinnertime’…

We’re being inspired by @reebok to #bemorehuman, @garyturk to #lookup and @feelfreesocial to get social face-to-face and join the #feelfreemovement.

We’re coaxed and coerced by numerous cafe signs and social media posts ‘where there’s no wifi, you’ll get a better connection’ ‘log off and run’…

What action are you taking?

Who’s joining the movement themselves?
Who’s influencing their friends and family?
And who’s involving their consumers?


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