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The art of living fearlessly, quote from Adam Cullen (1965-2012) who also said ‘I think art is about asking lots of questions’.Life itself is about asking lots of questions,isn’t it? 😉

I was tidying up yesterday and came across his print that’s on the back of the welcome pack you receive at The Cullen one of the awesome@artserieshotelgroupin Melbourne.

I initially stayed at The Blackman for a few one-nighters when the client was just around the corner, then The Cullen for a few nights, then a month in 2012 and again for a week last year in April. They are definitely a fine example of a#healthybrand, strong corporate brand

, consistent in brand identity yet also consistent in surprising you with their brand experience and marketing activation ideas – like their Steal Banksy and Extend your Stay Free for as long as your room is free promotions – and in delivering a customer experience that lives up to and beyond expectations.Yet with individual conceptual hotel sub-brandsthat have their own unique identity and personality.

The Cullen has been my home away from home in Melbourne.Time to get another client in the NY of Australia, so I can be welcomed back again#brand#love#homeawayfromhome


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