#healthybrand: Lego power

It made me so happy to read that Lego is now the most powerful brand in the world. Why? In a high-tech world that has, for many, numbed creativity and imagination, encouraged superficial relationships, and driven instant gratification and a return to materialism – Lego is exactly the opposite, inspiring creativity and imagination in people to create their own worlds with simple tools, encouraging total immersion, endurance and play. Putting power back in the hands of the people. 

Lego is one of the examples of a great brand idea I often reference when creating brand ideas for clients – strong idea at the core with compelling brand story; aligned internal and external brands; integrated brand experience across touch-points; consistent brand yet catering to diverse audience needs; innovating to remain relevant and compelling as needs change over the years. 

At the heart of its success is creativity and imagination for people (not just kids!) to create their own worlds, hands-on as opposed to via technology. The brand, concept and experience is consistent yet the applicability so diverse – there’s something for everyone. 

Well almost everyone – I googled for ‘female’ ‘weights’ and the best I could come up with is this pink chick with a boom box ready for group exercise. Knowing Lego, their depiction of the modern healthy female lifting weights or bearing body weight is just around the corner. 

How can you take these learnings from Lego and apply to your brand-driven business? And what health trends are you tapping into? 


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