Empowering Lasting Behaviour Change in fitness and good health: Australian Fitness Network's Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring

We’re proud to have worked with and learnt from the experienced and passionate team over at Australian Fitness Network on their latest innovation – the fitness industry’s first Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring. 

In a world where obesity, diabetes and depression are increasing, good health is desirable but many people are talking the talk but not walking the walk, those taking on short term body transformation programs are prone to going back to where they started (or worse) and most are overloaded with contradictory information that leaves them confused and paralysed. 

Developed on the insight that health and fitness professionals recognise that understanding their client’s minds is the key to unlocking lasting behaviour change necessary for lifelong fitness and wellbeing, the Diploma empowers them with the knowledge, tools and experience. For more information on this powerful qualification, please refer to the media release below or go directly to the website.

We worked with Australian Fitness Network on the sub-brand strategy and identity, messaging, customer profile and communications strategy, customer journey and marketing plan. 

Ryan Hogan, CEO says: Rachel’s work was instrumental in getting us to the point where we were able to bring the Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring to market. Her expertise and hard work was valued by all team members involved – we certainly couldn’t have done it without her!

Written by Rachel Bevans 
Rachel is the healthy brand champion, owner and managing director for strategy and planning, of The Healthy Brand Company. 
Contact rachel@thehealthybrandcompany.com
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