Larktale fits your world

Larktale is an innovative new brand of Australian prams and strollers, inspired by the Northern Beaches’ fun-loving lifestyle.

The brain-child of entrepreneur, Simon Whiston, Larktale is designed to fill a gap in the market for a range of prams and strollers that look great; are highly manoeuvrable, strong and light; with design features that make a big difference to mums’ lives; and take up less space.

We worked with Simon and the team to develop the brand positioning, customer profiles and product propositions, naming and messaging – providing the strategic platform for creation of the brand identity and website.

Larktale is available for fun-loving parents

We worked with The Healthy Brand Company prior to launching into a new category with a new brand. After months of working closely with Rachel, our work resulted in astrong platform which helped us to take our new brand into the next phase of development. Rachel provided strong strategic direction and, together with our internal team, created a solid foundation for a compelling brand. Simon Whiston, founder and CEO.


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