Encouraging mature women to Zestify your life

Owner, head trainer and lifestyle educator, Robyn Foy, identified a gap in the market for encouraging mature women to improve their personal wellbeing.
Offering research-based information and customized training programs, Zestify Personal Training delivers online packages with personal encouragement and support by phone, email and skype, optional face-to-face consultations in Eastern Sydney and a range of bespoke services such as rehabilitation, prehab and wedding preparation.
I’m really excited to be sharing my 35 years experience and passion in fitness and health education, and as a mature woman who understands the benefits of living a fit and healthy life, to give women the information, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle direction and encouragement, they deserve.
We worked with Robyn to develop the brand strategy, proposition and key messages, marketing and content plan; developing the brief for Smart Robbie, our trusted affiliate, for brand identity and collateral design, website and Facebook design, production and training; and providing coaching on naming and registration, setting up packages, customer experience, marketing and business development processes for launch.
I found that working with The Healthy Brand Company was just what I needed, to be sure to prepare thoroughly for my new business venture. The results and professionalism displayed and provided by Rachel was far more than I had expected. I am grateful to her for enabling me to showcase my new business in every aspect, now as a proud business owner. Robyn Foy, Founder & Head trainer.

If you’re interested in understanding more on what we do and how we go about it, please contact rachel@thehealthybrandcompany.com

Written by Rachel Bevans 
Rachel is the healthy brand champion, owner and managing director for strategy and planning, of The Healthy Brand Company. 
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