Education is more powerful than medication: 10 critical factors for healthy fat loss

I was fortunate to have attended and presented at FILEX 2016 Convention in Melbourne over the weekend. Imagine being surrounded by the energy of 2000 fitness leaders and subject experts who individually are committed to making themselves, their clients and the nation a fitter and healthier place. Coming together once a year to improve and share their knowledge and skills. Realising potential. Realising the power of many. Realising the possibility that, together, we can make a difference.

​I met many special people, each with their own story to tell and on a journey to help others. In the face of rising obesity and associated physical and mental health issues – heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, breathing problems, dementia, depression and anxiety – these individuals, fitness professionals working with health professionals, have a big job to do to encourage healthier lifestyles.

One of my favourite experiences was listening to and later meetingDr Helena Popovic. Dr Helena is an expert in brain health, specialising in the areas of obesity and dementia. With a heartfelt story of her own, and purpose-led grit and determination, Dr Helena captivated the audience with her inspiring, educational and easily applicable presentation on the 10 critical factors to creating an environment for healthy fat loss. I’ve included these below, with the full facts available in her book,NeuroSlimmingin which “You will gain a deep understanding of how the brain and body work together to create vibrant health and lasting vitality.”

10 critical factors to creating an environment for healthy fat loss

  1. Your health is reflection of values not your virtues – until you put health higher on the priority list, you won’t change

  2. Love not war – be kind to yourself and other people, make peace with arguments and conflict situations

  3. Gratitude is the best attitude– thank every part of your body, thank food before you eat, thank your life and all the people in it

  4. Scorn the porn – food porn stimulates ghrelin (the hormone that makes your stomach growl with hunger) more than real food, eat blindfolded, cook yourself, get a good night’s sleep, physical exercise, move everything out of eye sight, use a smaller plate, use a plate that’s a different colour than your food, leave the evidence on your plate (eg bones, olive pips)

  5. Turn to nature for nurture – spending time in nature produces a healthier gut

  6. Get your gut out of the rut – allergies are a good sign of poor gut health, remove additives, preservatives, emulsifier, artificial sugars from your food choices

  7. Quit the clean plate club – when you clear your family’s plates, don’t tidy your own as well; stop when you’re full; stock your cupboard with containers of all sizes; cold and reheated starchy, whole grain and whole food carbs have lower GI

  8. Connection not isolation – find people who will support you, stretch you, sign up with you; avoid those who sabotage you

  9. Can-do not candy – cut out can’t; shift can’t to how… have a can-do jar

  10. The low down on brown – the fat that makes you thin, stimulate brown fat to burn white fat; activated by cold climates, physical exercise and eating chillis (capsaicin)

Written by Rachel Bevans
Rachel is the healthy brand champion, owner and managing director for strategy and planning, of The Healthy Brand Company.
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