Activating employees as authentic brand influencers

Brand‬ reputation is increasingly important for recruiting employees.

As word of mouth is the most trusted source of information, leading companies are activating employees as brand ambassadors and giving them the tools to communicate the right messages about your brand. The key to authenticity is a strong employer brand. Who better to share the real love for your brand than your employees, but they gotta feel it! 

There are dozens of cases studies demonstrating how given the right tools, employees build the reputation of the brand from the inside out. Employees at IBM, Deloitte, Adobe and Cisco – to name a few – have been provided with the content and guidelines to become social media influencers.  This is one of our favourites:

All the more reason to align your corporate, customer and employer brands – so employees deliver against the promise you’re communicating to customers and communicate the messages about ‘great place to work’ to prospective employees. One brand. One core set of messages built from a core idea, common purpose and values. Then targeted employee, customer and corporate/community value propositions to ensure the rational and emotional benefits underpin the brand promise for your audience segments. 

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