Why is there a Hills for every home?

We’re a nostalgic fan of the iconic Hills Hoist, one of the foundation products of Hills Home Living – having grown up with, swung around on and then swung my little brother and sister around on in their baby swings whilst we hung the washing out for mum. Hours of entertainment earning double pocket money for doing two jobs at once. No chore in sight.

I do like the ‘there’s a Hills for every home’ it has a strong brand connection and gives the perception of ubiquity – which in turn encourages purchase, ‘if they have one, I should have one’.

But, for me, there’s a richer, emotive CONSUMER insight here around making life easier, solving the tension of making domestic duties not a chore and linking that back to the brand, like Persil’s dirt is good. Why is there a Hills for every home? 


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