How healthy is your brand? #1

The #healthybrand consistently engages customers, employees and key stakeholders throughout your continuous strategic planning process.

Two key points:

1) involve all audiences to make sure you’re seeing your brand from all sides; getting people involved up front means you can cover off any issues before they arise and they’ll be naturally more engaged for implementation; facilitates building a promise you can consistently deliver against

2) the strategic planning process is continuous, it’s not set and forget; whilst you don’t want to be chopping and changing your core strategy, you do want to monitor your performance to evolve and adapt your activities and assess the implications on your strategies – where your Comms are not achieving objectives, where you can’t deliver against your promise for one reason or another, where the market/competitive environment changes, or where you’re trying to build closer relationships with your audiences… (to name a few)

Seems obvious? Are you doing either/both of these well? 


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