How healthy is your brand? #2

In a world where we’re overloaded with choice and bombarded with 1000s of messages across a proliferation of media channels, alignment of people and brands is key for healthy business results.

Gallup research indicates that when consumers are aligned with a brand they give it twice as much share of wallet vs those not aligned.

A study from Arizona State University indicates that when employee image and behaviour doesn’t align with the brand, it tarnishes the business, weakens trust and lowers integrity.

BCG states that ‘Only the harmonisation of corporate, product and employer branding ensures that everyone involved ‘pays into’ the one-brand account, together raising the brand’s value’.

The world’s most valuable brands demonstrate a good sense of alignment – Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM – as do many of the SME best places to work in Australia, such as The Physio Co and Intuit. 

What’s holding your company back? Many companies operate in silos with different areas of the business with their own objectives and profit centres. Marketing – Sales – Production – Product – Customer Service – Corporate – HR. Politics, processes and priorities get in the way.

The only person with true oversight is the CEO, so alignment has to be driven from the top, and someone without vested interests – be they internal and/or external – needs to take responsibility for the role of alignment, consulting with the various teams to work through the issues and bring everything together.

It’s time to align… 



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