How healthy is your brand? #6

What does this mean? 

1. Everything sings from the same hymn sheet – driven by the brand idea.

We use the brand experience wheel to consider implications of the brand idea on all areas of the brand experience during the brand strategy stage to stress test the brand idea and then identify touch-points (both consumer facing and behind the scenes) where we need to do work to deliver against the promise – people and process, product and packaging, sales and service, distribution and display, communications, pricing and profit. 

2. Customer journey is mapped for key customers and role of each of the touch-points identified to convert prospects to leads to sales, and strengthen relationships of existing customers.

The employee journey is mapped alongside, identifying where employees interact with the customer journey to ensure employee experiences and comms reflect and encourage delivery of the brand promise. Same process for key stakeholders – shareholders, community, suppliers etc. 

Aiming for one brand that achieves the objectives for the different audiences.

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