How healthy is your brand? #7

The healthy brand links brand to bottom line: 

1. Identify KPIS, measures and monitoring process up front

2. Link KPIS to strategy and activity via horizon plan, annual marketing plan, customer journey and indicative conversion expectations

3. Review performance as relevant: 3 hours (execution/media timing), 3 days (execution/media placement), 3 months (creative strategy/media plan), 6-12 months (brand strategy – initial shifts), 3 years!! (big brand shifts vs horizon plan)

4. Review market changes to give you context – competitor activity; new products, services, distribution; legislation, economic/political etc

5. Review to evolve and optimise activities/executions and keep monitoring 

6. Review to evolve expectations/KPIS and keep monitoring

7. Review to evolve strategy and keep monitoring


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