In the face of divisive beliefs and behaviour, brands bring unity

From packaging and palm oil, to poverty and disadvantage, to protection of our personal identity and financial assets, people look to business for leadership in social, environmental and economic matters that influence society as a whole. 

In research, consumers are filled with frustration and the cry of can’t:

‘I can’t do it on my own’

‘One person can’t make a difference’

‘Why can’t you help me?’

Whilst sustainable businesses go about fulfilling their rational responsibilities, valuable brands – those which connect the business to the people – have the power to rally employees and customers to a better future. 

Eating the Big Fish is renowned for its principles for challenger brands to compete against brand leaders with a ‘rallying cry’ that activates employees and customers. In the face of large scale societal beliefs and behaviour that are divisive and destructive, brand leaders are taking the challenger stance, rallying the troops, challenging these divisive beliefs and behaviour and encouraging inclusivity, equality, diversity and unity. It’s a powerful place to be, 

Here are four recent campaigns that bring this to life:

Nike ‘Equality’:


Sephora #neverstop digital campaign:

ANZ ‘Hold Tight’

Do you have any you’d like to add? 


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