Brands with purpose beyond profit

I was researching some new examples of brands with purpose for a client workshop and came across the Unilever website that shows what they’re doing on every brand across the portfolio… this is mind-blowing stuff. Not just one brand but many, all with purpose beyond profit, all sitting under and aligned to their Unilever master brand purpose “to make sustainable living commonplace”

We’ve heard that “50% of Unilever’s growth today is coming from brands that are acting on their purpose…. And the growth that we are getting from these brands is 30% higher than the brands where we didn’t crack the purpose” (Source: Unilever steps up from marketing purpose to brand activism – Stephen Whiteside, WARC, September 2016). 

With this kind of activism setting global business standards, and proof that it works, this is an area no brand can or should afford inaction. If you’ve one brand, you’ve no excuse!


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