How good is your promise?

We build brand promises that people want to keep. 

What do we mean by this? 

For marketing and advertising to be most effective, employees and customers need to know what your brand stands for, and be aligned to your brand. This ‘promise’ is what employees and customers expect your brand to deliver consistently across every experience – product, packaging and service, people and process, website and store, distribution footprint, channels and environments, pricing and profitability, communications and CSR. 

If your business does not keep its promise, it neither earns nor keeps the trust of customers and employees.

By engaging your employees in the brand building process, the brand promise is aligned to their values, beliefs and behaviours – which means that when it comes to delivery, they have been involved in building the brand which gives a sense of pride and ownership, they understand the brand fully and are aligned to credibly and authentically deliver. 

We have worked with many businesses over the years seeking consumer insights which is what we mean by making promises that matter. We look at what’s important to customers and employees and build a promise that is backed and can be delivered by employees.

Building promises that matter and keeping them is the key to building trust and long-term valuable relationships. We know this to be true of people. Now apply this thinking to your business and brand. Find out more at


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