How are you going to achieve your objectives?

3. How are you going to achieve your objectives?

Areas to consider:

– Are you motivating current customers to buy more or attracting new customers?

– Do you need more employees to do this or will current employees be able to do it? Do they need more training and tools to enable them to deliver?

– How are you going to attract, retain, engage and activate your customers, employees and key stakeholders?
– What areas of the brand-customer experience do you need to improve?

– Are there areas in the customer journey that you need to start doing or do more of? 

– Do you need to develop new products, review pricing or cost of goods?

– How does the employer brand and employee experience align with the customer brand to facilitate employees delivering against the promise

Over the coming weeks, we’ll address these areas individually so you can think about what might work for you.

When asking these questions of your business and brand, keep going back to your target audience. What do you need to promise and deliver for them to find and keep a place in their hearts, minds and lives? 


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