Which markets and customers will help you meet your objectives?

4. Which markets and customers will help you meet your objectives? 

Current, new or lapsed customers

Are you targeting current, new and/or lapsed customers? What are they doing currently vs what you want them to do? e.g. switch brands, buy more from you and less from your competitors, use more of your product across more occasions and grow the category as a whole, buy more across your range or buy higher value products and services, convince their friends to buy or buy for someone else? 

Customer segments 

Do you have different customer segments who are buying different products, services and experiences?

Who are your highest value customers? Do you want more of them? 

Is there a segment you’re missing of higher value potential? 

Market prioritisation

Which markets/locations are your priorities to achieve objectives? 

You might achieve volume in one market/location but it doesn’t reach your high value customer segments, achieve your value or brand perception objectives. So where do these markets/locations fit within your overall plan? How much resource do you dedicate to them? 



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