Are your employees geared to deliver objectives?

10. Employees

Are your employees aligned to and engaged with your brand? Do they understand the brand values and idea, and how it drives everything they do and say on an everyday basis? 

Do they have the capabilities, tools, environment and empowerment to deliver against the brand and towards your objectives? 

Is your culture designed for employees to thrive? 

Revisit your your employer brand to ensure its aligned with your customer-facing brand and integrate employee and customer experiences. Ensure your culture, values and behaviours are designed for alignment, engagement and performance. Only this way will employees be credibly and consistently delivering. 

Do you have enough of the right employees to deliver your objectives? Review skills requirements and gaps analysis, training and development, performance management for current employees, recruitment and selection for new employees.

A strong employer brand will guide internal and external employee-related strategies and activities.


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